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Queen of the Welsh Harp ~ Brenhines y DelynQueen of the Welsh Harp ~ Brenhines y Delyn Ref: A0128
Nansi Richards Jones or Telynores Maldwyn ("the Harpist of Montgomeryshire") as she was known, was undoubtedly the outstanding influence in the field of traditional harp-playing in Wales during the 20th century. She not only brought the harp - and especially the traditional Telyn Deires ("the Triple Harp") - back into prominence in Wales, but inspired a generation of young harpists to master the national instrument of Wales, and to discover the treasure of our traditional folk melodies.

This CD brings together 40 tracks made of Nansi Richards between 1947 and 1972, many of which have never been published before. This collection will be greatly appreciated by all who have a feeling for music, and for the rich and diverse folk tradition which inspired Nansi, and which she in turn presented with such enthusiasm to her audiences, and her many pupils. These pupils have by now passed on her art to a new generation, and so the tradition continues.
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Online Catalogue | HARP CDs |  Nansi Richards

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