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Carillon for triple harpCarillon for triple harp Ref: A0058
Harpist Angharad Evans' roots are firmly embedded in Welsh folk music, of which she is a superb executant. This recording offers a rare chance to hear traditional Welsh music performed on triple harp.
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Hands on Harp ~ You can Play!Hands on Harp ~ You can Play! Ref: SM0399
Angharad Evans Young

For the last eighteen years, it has been my privilege to teach many beginner harpists, and it has been my joy and delight to be able to share my love of the harp to so many who would like to learn to play. I always stress that teaching and learning should not only be informative but fun. The dreaded words 'Theory', 'Technique', 'Sight-Reading' must not be allowed to be off-putting, when all one wants to do is to be able to put 'Hands on Harp' and to make music.

I hope my little book with its notes named Cool C, Dizzy D, Exciting E, Fantastic F, Gorgeous G, Amazing A and Busy B, and with its tunes with names like Wobbly Waltz, Groovy Giraffes, Dozing Donkeys, Crazy Crocodiles, Alligator Snap, Bopping Bugs and Dinosaur Disco will help to make your Hands on Harp experience a happy one. And what is more, you will find, as have so many of my pupils in the past, that you have conquered the 'problems' of Theory, Technique and Sight-Reading without even being aware that they were there!

The book can be used in both individual and group teaching, and towards the end I have included second (and in some cases, third and fourth) harp parts to pieces which are set in Grade examinations, and these can be used for playing together, giving the beginner harpist valuable ensemble experience. (click cover for details)

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Online Catalogue | HARP CDs |  Angharad Evans

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