Scottish Harp Anthology V2
Scottish Harp Anthology V2  Ref: SM0194
Cheyenne Brown - Ruaraidh Mor's Lullaby
Gillian Fleetwood - Brose and Butter
Maeve Gilchrist - The Sleeping Tune
Rachel Hair - Maire's Tune
Corrina Hewat - Redesmouth Mill
Emily Hoile - The Grey Buck
Tristan le Govic - The Battle of the Boyne
Mairi MacLeod - Eilean a'Cheo
Mary MacMaster - Co a ni mire ri Mairi
Karen Marshalsay - Mis Farquharson/Locked up Harps
Marie Louise Napier - Rachel's Razzamatazz
Rachel Newton - The Ale is Dear
Hannah Phillips - Lament for Rory's Sister
Ailie Robertson - The Angel's Share
Fiona Rutherford - The Amazing Long Sleep/The Usual Frantic Jig
Patsy Seddon - Jamie's Jih
Wendy Stewart - The Cradle Song
Fraya Thomsen - Gary's Porch
Heather Yule - The Chanter