Arpa Latina
Arpa Latina  Ref: SM188
As well as the tunes listed below there are also a series of exercises and chord patterns
For all tunes which are not solo harp both the scores and parts are printed in the book

Duermete mi nino - 3 harps and melody instrument
Polka 1 in C
Polka 1 in F
Polka 1 in G
Polka 2 in C
Polka 2 in F
Polka 2 in G
Regalito - 2 harps
Guantanamera - 2 harps / harp & voice
3 de Mayo
Regalito - 2 harps (harp 2 chords with 4 fingers)
Rio Rebelde
El Condor Pasa - 2 harps
Serenata del Monito
La Candelita
Llorando se Fue - 2 harps and melody instrument