New Shoots - Old Roots
New Shoots - Old Roots  Ref: SM183
Tunes in the book

1. Tribute To O'Carolan
2. Dance Of The Sandpiper (Celtic harp)
3. Lammas Games
4. With All My Heart
5. Irish Whiskey
6. Beltane Dance/Maitanz
7. Scandinavia
8. Schön, dass es dich gibt
9. Downstream
10. Away For A While
11. Monika's Blues
12. Dance of The Sandpiper (pedal harp)

The Tunes from this book have been recorded by Monika Stadler on her album New Shoots - New Roots - coming soon to Creighton's Collection.
Also the tunes detailed below have been recorded on other CDs by Monika Stadler as follows:

3, 4, 8, 12: Between Earth, Sea & Sky
5 : On the Water
7 : Everything will be all right