Singing Strings
Singing Strings  Ref: SM0074
1 Singing Strings: Beginner’s Reel

2 Howgate Waltz: written for the children of Howgate Primary School

3 An Eriskay Love Lilt

4 Triad Duet: simple root position triads make an effective accompaniment.

5 Caprice and Doloroso: Two pieces of contrasting mood. Play them as individual tunes, or join them together with a smooth lever change as Caprice- Doloroso-Caprice.

6 Brahms’ Lullaby

7 ‘Strusaidh mi na Coilleagan - The Cockle Gatherer is one of many lively and rhythmic working songs from the Gaelic tradition.

8 Old Lament: A beautiful melody in the Dorian mode found in the Gesto Collection from Skye.

9 Buain na Rainich - Pulling Bracken-yet another traditional working song, this time in rather a wistful mood.

10 An Ataireachd Ard - The Surge of the Sea: an emigrant’s longing to return home and finally be buried beside the sound of the surging sea.

11 Song without Words: originally written for a student with a temporarily disabled right hand!