Dasson ur Galon
Dasson ur Galon  Ref: SM0115
01. En tu-all. The other side (composition)
02. Mab ar c'hloc'her a vorc'h Melrand. The Melrand bellringer's son (traditional)
03. Gavotenn. Gavottes (traditional / composition / traditional)
04. Laridenn nevez. New Laridé (composition)
05. Un tammig em eus kalon diaes. My heart is ill at ease (traditional)
06. Hanter-dro. Hanter-dro dances (traditional / traditional)
07. Eléanor Plunkett (T. O'Carolan)
08. March of the King of Laois (traditional)
09. Ne chomin ket da soñjal. I won't stay dreaming (traditional)
10. Kost ar c'hoed. Kost ar c’hoed dances (traditional / traditional)
11. Dait-c'hwi ganin plac'hig yaouank. Young girl, come with me (traditional)