The North-East Collection
The North-East Collection  Ref: SM0010

The Countess of Sutherland - Reel
Lady Doll Sinclair’s Reel - Reel
Miss Annie Robertson (Dingwall) - Country Dance
Kilcoy Castle - March
Miss Munro’s Double Hornpipe - Horn pipe
Miss Anne Munro’s Quickstep - Quickstep
Miss Charlotte Brodie - Jig
Miss Brodie of Brodie’s Reel - Strathspey
Mrs Brodie’s Delight - Country Dance
Mr Brodie of Brodie’s Favourite - Country Dance
Lord Sea forth’s Strathspey - Strathspey
Culbin Sands - Pastorale
Blackhills - Pastorale
Miss Primrose - Strathspey
Chapel Keithack - Slow Air
Miss (Dr.) Grant’s Quickstep - Quickstep
Miss Grant of Grant - Reel
Lady Susan Gordon’s Strathspey - Strathspey
Lady Susan Gordon’s Quickstep - Quickstep
The Duchess of Gordon’s New Strathspey - Strathspey
The Parks of Fochabers - Reel
The Marquis of Hun tly’s Reel - Reel
The Marquis of Hun tly’s Strathspey - Strathspey
Farewell to Huntly - Slow March
Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite - Slow Air