The Small Harp
The Small Harp  Ref: SM0008
The Small Harp
A step by step tutor by Alison Kinnaird

There can be little to replace the one-to-one relationship between teacher and pupil, but in the past few years there has been an increasing demand for a self-tutor for the small harp from students who live in areas where, for one reason or another, a teacher is not regularly accessible. Also musicians, who can already play the instrument, have expressed interest in the traditional style techniques used in Scottish and Irish music.

This book contains -
Advice on buying and maintaining a clarsach.
Tuning a clarsach.
A basic guide to Musical Notation.
Instruction on sitting at the harp, arm, hand and finger positions.
Lessons and exercises for two, three and four fingers.
Chords, scales, arpeggios and moving around the harp.
A section on ornamentation in the traditional style, with exercises on simple to advanced grace-note techniques.
• 40 tunes, varying from elementary to advanced.
Historical notes and information on the tunes.
Advice on arranging music.
Tunes to arrange yourself
The accompanying CD demonstrates the lessons in the book.

On the enclosed CD Alison Kinnaird demonstrates -

Tuning your Small Harp
Lessons and Exercises 1-6
Beginners’ Tunes
Simple Ornamentation
More Complicated Ornamentation
Composite Decorations
An Oral Lesson on a more advanced tune