Pathway  Ref: SM0003
Guide to Reading Music
The Instrument: Parts of the Harp
Tuning the Harp
Holding the Clarsach
Hand Position

The book is complimented by a 39 track recording which includes tuning tracks and all the tunes in the book with the Gaelic titles pronounced. Please note that CD is not shipped with book but is available as a free download - see inner rear cover of the book for details.

Lesson One
The First Steps to Making Music
A Musician's Rule of Three

Lesson Two
Putting Fingers to the Strings
Patterns of Music

Lesson Three
The First Melody and Damping

Lesson Four
The First Melody and Ringing
Practice Techniques

Lesson Five
A Traditional Tune from Ireland

Lesson Six
A Traditional Tune from Scotland

Lesson Seven
Two Tunes from our Primary Sources

Lesson Eight
Introducing the '6/8' Time Signature
Memory Techniques

Lesson Nine
Repeated Notes

Lesson Ten
Striking Strings Simultaneously with Different Hands
The Pickup Note

Lesson Eleven
Damping Two Strings in One Hand
Relaxation vs. Tension

Lesson Twelve
The Free Stroke
Tension and Release

Lesson Thirteen
Ringing Decisions

Lesson Fourteen
Introduction to Ornamentation
Practicing is Teaching Yourself

Lesson Fifteen
Building Blocks ­ The Walking Pattern

Lesson Sixteen
Two Notes Struck Together in One Hand

Lesson Seventeen
The Flexible Thumb
Interpretation in Music

Lesson Eighteen
Repeating Notes with Different Fingers
Music with a Purpose

Lesson Nineteen
Breaking Free from Fixed Fingers

Lesson Twenty
Figures of Music
Goal Setting

Lesson Twenty-One
Moving Around the Harp

Appendix A
Tunes adapted for this book

Appendix B

Tune index