Flidias and the Magic Harp
Flidias and the Magic Harp  Ref: PS0021
1. Song of the Birds
2. Forests of Ireland
3. Flidias
4. Tuan
5. Liban
6. The Lake Deep in the Forest
7. Fand
8. …Never Seen Again
9. The Fawn
10. The Mother’s Lament
11. Fionn and the Men of the Fianna
12. Fionn and the Fianna Following Tuan
13. The Fawn in the Lake
14. Daighre
15. Never Seen Again II
16. The Wind in the Trees
17. Suamach’s Harpsolo
18. Flidias and the Fawn
19. The Silver Salmon & the Rivers and Forests of Ireland