Volume 2
Volume 2  Ref: JM29SC
Concert Miniatures for Solo Accordion: Volume II

These two volumes of accordion pieces have been created to provide more music for the noble cause of the accordion, such a complete instrument to the mind of the present composer. He wrote with constant care that all works should be 'Concert Pieces' and not 'Studies', or 'Study Pieces'. In this way the intermediate accordionist, still a long way away from being a 'professional', can learn this music feeling in touch with the concert platform as well as within the 'music school' classroom. Having explained that, it is also equally true to state that the pieces are all eminently playable in the syllabus of the graded examinations in Britain, or, as another example, the Elementary and Medium level courses in Spanish conservatoires and music schools.

They are originally conceived as individual pieces, without special reference to one and another, and there is no arrangement in order of difficulty or the suggestion of the learning process order. Indeed, some are much more difficult than others, and the final order chosen throughout both volumes is purely established from the alphabetical order of the piece titles in English. However, bearing in mind that these are 'Concert Miniatures' of no great duration, it does make good sense to group two, three, or even more pieces together to form a small group or set, and the most obvious possibilities have been offered at the end of the programme notes to each individual piece. But each musician or teacher might have their own options which may differ from the composer's ideas, and these are to be welcomed!

Finally, there should be a public tribute made here to the Navarre accordionist Angel Luis Goñi, professor in the Pablo Sarasate Conservatoire in Pamplona, Spain, who has been largely the inspiration for the creation of these albums, helped in all matters of their production, and generally has helped expand, through his enormous enthusiasm, the public awareness of the accordion as a mainstream instrument of the twenty-first century. For these reasons many of the pieces rightfully bear his name as dedicatee.