Bragod  Ref: A0619
Track Listing

1. Dyfaliad Crwth / Description of a Crwth (extract), by Gruffudd ap Dafydd ap Hywel, early 16th century
Kaniad y gwynn bibydd / Caniad of the White Piper (extract), Robert ap Huw ms.

2. Mae Gen i Chwaer Mari / My Sister Mary, first verse and tune, Caneuon Llafar Gwlad. D. Roy Saer, second verse; hen bennill /a traditional verse.

3. Ffoles Llantrisant / The Foolish Girl of Llantrisant, coll. by Maria-Jane Williams, bap. 1795 - d. 1873, The Ancient National Airs of Gwent and Morganwg.

4. 'R Adar Bach / The Little Birds, tune from Canu'r Cymry, Phyllis Kinney and Meredydd Evans, text; a selection of hen benillion / traditional verses.

5. Childgrove, from John Playford's The English Dancing Master, (17th century).

6. Salm 150 / Psalm 150
Kaingk Dafydd Broffwyd / Cainc of David the Prophet, Robert ap Huw ms. ('Musica'). c.1613. Br. Mus. Add. MS 14905.

7. Caseg Felen / A Brown Mare, Canu'r Cymru II. P. Kinney and M. Evans.

8. Myn Mair / By Mary, from the song book of M. Evans, MS LIGC Fac. 7, Canu'r Cymru.

9. Siglo'r Crud / Rocking the Cradle, words, hen benillion / traditional verses. Tune, Cerdd Hen Wr y Coed from Gems of Welsh Melody by John Owen.

10. Untitled Ballad by Richard Hughes, Mostyn mss, 9. 16th - 17th century.
As I Went to Walsingham, anon.16th century ballad tune.

11. Ys Daeth Crist / And Christ came (extract), Dafydd Ddu Athro (early 14th century). By kind permission of Prof. Geraint Gruffudd.
Gosteg Dafydd Athro / Gosteg of David the Master (extract), by Dafydd Athro (fl . 1385-1430), from Robert ap Huw ms.