To the Mackerel
To the Mackerel  Ref: A0447
Parson’s Farewell – Playford
To the Mackerel – Liney
The Grenadier and the Lady – English Trad.
Eleanor Plunkett – O’Carolan
Fanny Power – O’Carolan
Words in Waves – Liney
Suo Gan – Welsh Trad.
The Pottery Shore – Liney
Kean O’Hara – O’Carolan
The Empty Net – Liney
The Moonlit Galleon – Liney
The Orange Rogue – Irish Trad.
Sails on the Solent – Liney
Lord Galway’s Lamentation – O’Carolan
The Maids of Mitchelstown - Irish Trad.
The Clergy’s Lamentation – O’Carolan
A Fisherman’s Song for Attracting Seals – Trad.
Sheebeg and Sheemore – O’Carolan
The Lobster Pot – Liney
Towards Old Harry – Liney