Annwn  Ref: A0414
1: Cwyn Mam Yng Nghyfraith (Mother-in-law's complaint)
2: Wrth Fynd Hefo Deio i Dywyn (Walking with Deio to Tywyn - an amusing journey across Wales with friend Deio to Tywyn)
3: Pontypridd (a celebration of the old town of Pontypridd from it's quiet rural pre-industrial days)
4: Tra Bo Dau (While there are two - a gentle love song from a Welsh boy in a faraway land for his love back home in Wales)
5: Ar Lan Y Mor (Soprano - Rhian Lois) (The joy of being beside the sea, with love in the air)
6: Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the wheat - a shepherd's tale)
7: Mil Harddach (A traditional Welsh lullaby)
8: Beth Yw'r Haf i Mi (What is Summer to me? - a lament for a lost love)
9: Lisa Lan (Fair Lisa, a lover's lament for a dead sweetheart)
10: Llongau Caernarfon (The Ships of Caernarfon - a song by a young boy sitting with his mother by the quayside, wanting to go to sea)