A light in the forest
A light in the forest  Ref: A0413
A Light in the Forest

01. Considine’s Grove
02. Epping Forest
03. King of the Fairies
04. The Fairy Child & The Fairy Queen
05. A Bruxa (The Witch)
06. Craigieburn Wood
07. Artemisia
08. Bourrée de la Luciole (Dance of the Firefly)
09. Trollspolska
10. Roslin Castle & The Woods of Kilmurry
11. Bottom’s Dream
12. The Golden Castle
13. Bears — Bear Dance & The Dancing Bear
14. Robin is to the Greenwood Gone (Bonny Sweet Robin or Robin Hood)
15. Three Old English Tunes— Gamble Gold, Abbots Bromley Horn Dance & The Green Man
16. Virgin Forest
17. The Forest Nymph — Song of the Woods & The Tree in the Woods
18. The Gold Ring

Total Time 74:50