The Road to Aberystwyth ~ Y Ffordd i Aberystwyth
The Road to Aberystwyth ~ Y Ffordd i Aberystwyth  Ref: A0207
Track Listing

1. Helfa'rDraenog-The Hedgehog Hunt
Ladies A-Dance/Eldra's Jig
2. Set Napoleon-Napoleonic Set
Napoleon crossing the Alps/Napoleon's Rowdy boys/ The return from Paris in the year 1818
3. Pibddawnsiau Sipsi-Gipsy Hornpipes
The Navy's Hornpipe/The Wrexham Hornpipe
4. Cig a Chwrw-Meat and Ale
Meat on a Trencher/The yellow brew
5. Mympwyon-Whims
Griffith's whim/The Welsh Quack/The Cambro-Briton
6. Cogau Meirion-The Meirionnydd Cuckoos
The Cuckoo's song to Meirionnydd*/ The Meirionnydd Hornpipe/The cuckoo hornpipe
7. Hoff Jigiau-Favourite Jigs
Maids of Montgomery/Llannerch-y-Medd Hunt/Cardigan Bower
8. Waltsiau Sipsi-Gipsy Waltzes
Fairy GlenII/Fairy Glen I
9. Abergenni
Abergenni/William Phillip's Delight
10. Alabaina Wood
The Lleweni Foresters/Alabaina's Polka
11. Jig y Doethion** -The Magi Jig**
12. Miniwets Meirionnydd-The Meirionnydd Minuets
The Dolgellau Minuet/The Nannau Minuet
13. Jigiau Crasdant-Crasdant Jigs
The Queen of Monmouth*/The King of the Moon*/The Tittle-Tattle Tipple*
14. Pibddawnsiau Fflash-Flash Hornpipes
The Flash Pad Hornpipe/The Road to Aberytwyth*

All tracks Trad/arr. R.Bowen unless otherwise noted
*Composed by R.Bowen **Composed by Ange Hauck