Alchemy of a Rose
Alchemy of a Rose  Ref: A0137
Miss Proud's Reel
Sir John Fenwick is the Flower of Them All
Seaforth Highlanders
Lord Seaforth's Strathspey
Lord MacDonald's Reel
Mist Covered Mountains
I Love My jean
They Stole My Wife Last Night
Pease strae
The Princes's Welcome into Inverness
An Elegy on Rob Roy McGregor
The Chanter's Tune
blair Athole Glenlivet
A Lament for Her Husband and Child
Lachlann Dubh
The Bedding of the Bride
Off She Goes
The Top of Ben Lomond
New Claret
Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering
Brian Boru
Edward Corcoran
Mrs. Crawford of Donside
The Banks o' Clyde

Total play 64:47