Rip the Calico
Rip the Calico  Ref: A0133
The March of the King of Laois
Mulhaire's, Rip the Calico, The Glass of Beer - (Reels)
Anach Cuain - (Slow Air)
Condon's Frolics, Garret Barry's Eddie Kelly's - (Jigs)
O'Carolan's Draught, John Doherty's reel
The Raven's Wing* - (Slow Reel)
The Sweeper's Tune*
Fear an Bhata - (Slow Air), Captain O'Kane - (O'Carolan)
The Clumsy Lover**, The Otter 's Holt, Marie's Wedding* - (Reels)
Jackson's - (Slow Reel)
Inishowen* - Pull the Knife and Stick it Again - (Jigs)

© Paul Dooley 1996
* Composed by P. Dooley
** Composed by Neil Dickie