Masterworks of the New Era Volume 9
Masterworks of the New Era Volume 9  Ref: A0119
CD 1
Tony KT Leung - In the Beginning
1 When Light First Shone
2 Between the Waters
3 Seeds of Plenty
4 Dance of the Stars
5 Song of the Birds
6 Gazing at the Moon
7 Blessings of the Promise

Michael Mauldin
8 Fajada Butte: An Epiphany

David F Golightly
Concerto for Strings
9 The Lord created mountains for the brave to climb
10 What is a Sunrise but the smile of God
11 Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all you know, and all you need to know

CD 2
David Kirtley
1 Leaves falling from the Holy Tree

Paul Johnson
2 Spring in War-Time (Soprano - Iryna Dats)

Paula Diehl
3 I
4 II
6 IV
7 Epilogue
8 Closure

Howard M. Feldsher
Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (15:37)
9 First Movement
10 Second Movement
11 Third Movement