The Wagon of Life
The Wagon of Life  Ref: A0084
Thomas Pitfield (1903 -1999)
1 The Wagon of Life (Pushkin / Alice and Thomas Pitfield)
2 By the Dee at Night (Thomas Pitfield)
3 September Lovers (Thomas Pitfield)
Stuart Scott (b. 1949)
4 Alderley (Thomas Pitfield)
5 Gawsworth (Thomas Pitfield)
6 Fall, Leaves, Fall (Emily Bronte)
7 Night Clouds (Amy Lowell)
Geoffrey Kimpton (b. 1927)
8 Noah (Siegfried Sassoon)
9 Faintheart in a Railway Station (Thomas Hardy)
10 The Poor Man's Pig (Edmund Blunden)
Joanna Treasure (b. 1961)
11 Tango [Do You Remember?] (Wilfrid Samuel Treasure)
12 I Saw the Girl (John Clare)
John R Williamson (b. 1929)
13 The Recruit (A F. Housman)
14 White in the Moon (A F. Housman)
15 Think No More, Lad (A F. Housman)
Stephen Wilkinson (b. 1919)
16 The Sunlight on the Garden (Louis MacNiece)
17 The Garden (Andrew Marvell)
Philip Wood (b. 1972)
18 Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal (Alfred Lord Tennyson)
Sasha Johnson Manning (b. 1963)
19 My Song Shall be of Mercy and Judgement (Psalm 101)
20 The Lord is King (Psalm 93)
Kevin George Brown (b.1959)
21 Dying Day (Philip Larkin)
22 Description of Spring (Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey)
David Golightly (b.1948)
Songs of the Cliff Top
23 Sea Bird (Steve Hobson)
24 After the Kill (Steve Hobson)
25 Puffin (Steve Hobson)
David Forshaw (b. 1938)
26 The Owl (Kathleen Collier)
27 Whale Song (Kathleen Collier)
28 Horse (Kathleen Collier)