In the Tradition
In the Tradition  Ref: A0003
1. All Along the Barley is our own arrangement of what we believe is a very old song.
2. The Parting Glass is a song which was originally learned to perform with the late Dave Silver, of the HP Band, but on the day we were to start rehearsals, Dave was killed in a motorbike accident.
3. Our unusual arrangement of the Star of the County Down, which features the tune Drowsy Maggie
4. Unicorns is one of Bill Caddick's best known songs from his days on the road with Magic Lantern.
5. A set of Yorkshire hornpipes on the whistle, preceded by one of Catherine's original compositions, which was written for her Granny
6. Wings. Brian Bedford's classic song just piano and voice.
7. Two magicians is an arrangement we play with multi instrumentalist Nic Durham.
8. Joseph Baker, a Pete Coe song so well known it appears in a number of traditional anthologies.
9. A set of jigs on flute and guitar. Banish misfortune/ Morrison's/Fair haired boy.
10. Richie Graham is a song about a notorious Border reiver who lived in the sixteenth century at Brackenhill on the Scots/ English border. It was written by Andy MacKay also of the Hanky Panky Band as part of a fund raising effort to help restore the Grahams ancestral home.
11. A Kieran Halpin song "Nothing to show for it all" which just about sums it up.