Music from Disney's TANGLED
Music from Disney's TANGLED  Ref: UM1209
For lever or pedal harp.

Tangled is Disney's popular animated film from 2010, based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel. This sheet music includes two songs from the movie, arranged for lever or pedal harp by Sylvia Woods: I See the Light and Healing Incantation. Both pieces include lyrics, fingerings, and lever or pedal changes.

I See the Light is the love song between Rapunzel and Flynn, sung in the boat during the lantern ceremony. This 5-page intermediate arrangement is in the key of C with F and G lever changes throughout. The range is 31 strings, from the C 2 octaves below middle C up to the E 2 octaves and 2 strings above middle C.

The one-page Healing Incantation is the song that Rapunzel sings when her hair creates the magic. It is in the key of 1 sharp, with G and C lever changes. It can be played by advanced beginners with experience in making lever changes. The range is 22 strings, from the E almost 2 octaves below middle C, up to the E 9 strings above middle C. It can be played on many 26-string harps, if played an octave higher than written.

Both pieces are included in this sheet music.