Small Tunes for Young Harpists
Small Tunes for Young Harpists  Ref: UM1143
Tunes in the book

First Piece
Lots of C’s
Visiting Miami
Scales in 4/4
Nicky’s Harp Piece
Playing on the Lawn
Trip to Spain
Waltz in A Minor
Turquoise Dress
Scales for Hobbes
Etude for Placing
Ginger’s Etude
Second Etude with Brackets
Red Bows
Ginger in the Grass
March of Bill the Cat
April Dance
Neighbors of C
Placing Finger Three
3-2-1 , 1-2-3
Ballet Class
Summer Shade
Harp Movers’ March
A Very Small Harp
Waltz for an Antique Harp
More Brackets with 3’s
The Ice-Cream Waltz
Frere Jacques
The Spaces Spell "Face"!
C-Major Etude
Calico Cats
Dancing Dinosaurs
The Catnip Waltz
Marching to Camp
Z-Jig/Brian Boru’s March
Sneezing Rabbits
A Medieval Tale
Gypsy Moth
Rain Dance for Frogs
Climbing Trees!
Flight of the Swallow
Spanish Lament
Clare the Cat
Lullaby for a Young Squirrel
Minuet for Water Bugs
When It Rains, It Pours