Latin American Harps History, Music and Techniques
Latin American Harps History, Music and Techniques  Ref: UM1024


This book is for all harpists — pedal and non-pedal, beginner or advanced, student or professional — who desire to increase their understanding of other styles of harp music and add a new dimension to their repertoire. The pieces have been arranged within the possibilities of the pedal and non-pedal harpist techniques, without sacrificing any of the flavor of our music.

The pieces in the book could be played without any modification of the techniques that you have already mastered. For those who would like to try them, some of the special Latin techniques explained could be a new tool for arrangements, compositions, etc. Purposefully, I do not include pictures of my "standard hand positions" since it is not my purpose to change your actual techniques.

This book is not a complete method for any of our harps. I do not think that a book can completely replace a good teacher. Besides, since we "folk musicians" basically all "play by ear," such a written method would very rarely be of use in our countries. That is precisely the reason why complete arrangements of our music are scarce. To my knowledge, there is no complete method for our harps based on standard music theory.

Remember: This book is not intended to change your actual technique, but rather to add something to it. It is very important that you keep this in mind all the time. If you are a beginner, I expect that you will use your teacher's advice to get the best out of my book.



From Spain to the Americas (map)

The Latin American Harps
Other Countries
From the Present to the Future

Trino (Paraguayan Tremolo)
Fingernails for Pedal and Non-Pedal Harpists
Bordoneado (Paraguayan Muffled Effects)
Other, Easier, Special Effects
Notes on the Transcriptions and Compositions


Symbols and Special Instructions
Accompaniment Patterns
Examples of Polyrhythm and Syncopation

Genre : Title
Joropo : Seis por derecho
Pasaje : Llano (Plains)
Pasaje : Pasaje numero uno
Tonada : Elrio (The River)
Guarania : Una luz en el mar (A Light in the Sea)
Guarania : Atardecer (Sunset)
Guarania : Theme from "Suite to Luzma"
Galopa : 18 de octubre (18 of October)
Galopa : Che valle mi Yaguaron (My Valley Yaguaron)
Galopa : 3 de mayo (May 3rd.)
Galopa : Colorado
Galopa : Nda recoi la culpa (It's Not My Fault)
Galopa : Pajaro Campana (Bell Bird)
Galopa : from "Suite to Luzma"
Pasillo : Ecuador
Guabina : La Guabina