For Artemy
For Artemy  Ref: adlais143
A Dream
Sad Waltz

The three pieces in the set were written for Artemy Izmaylov, fourth generation harpist, and son of the composer, when he was eight or nine years old.

A Dream, the nocturne-like first movement, concentrates on arpeggios and a singing tone, whilst the second, Sad Waltz, has a slightly more difficult left hand, supporting a legato melody in the right hand. Both pieces are Grade 3 standard. The Toccata which ends the suite is longer, more demanding (Grades 4-5), and is a fascinating study-demonstration, in miniature form, of various compositional techniques. These include frequent time-changes, contrapuntal elements, independence of the hands, sometimes with the two different main themes in both hands at the same time, but all blending into a cohesive whole and an attractive solo harp piece. Beautifully written for the instrument, the pieces For Artemy have a contemporary freshness of appeal, far removed from the traditional mould of harp writing. They may be played as a suite, or performed separately. Deliberately written so that there are no pedal changes except for the E pedal used in the Toccata, they can be played on lever harp as well as on concert harp.