My Gentle Harp
My Gentle Harp  Ref: UM1389
1. Come to the Bottle House (Reel)
2. Tree of Liberty
3. Mary's Return
4. O Bright Maeve
5. Sweet Portaferry
6. The Devil in Dublin
7. Drocketty's March
8. Parting of Friends
9. Diarmuid O hAodha (Dermot Hayes)
10. As I roved out
11. In the County of Wexford
12. CillChais
13. For my breakfast I must have a bird without a bone
14. The Twilight Star (Hornpipe)
15. The Wexford Carol
16. Blind Mary

17. Deirin De (Lullaby)
18. Bainis Pheigi Ni Eaghra (Peggy O'Hara's Wedding Feast)
19. Aonach Chontae an Chlair (The County Clare Fair)
20. No Surrender
21. The Flaxen Shirt
22. Mo Cheallaichin Fionn(My Fair Ceallach)
23. My Gentle Harp