Haiku for the Harp
Haiku for the Harp  Ref: UM1269
A stray cat Asleep on the roof In the spring rain
A flash of lightning! The sound of dew Dripping down the bamboo
Sacred music at night; Into the bonfires Flutter the tinted leaves
Being chased, The firefly Hides in the moon
Sweeping the garden, The snow is forgotten By the broom
Striking the fly, I hit also A flowering plant
The sparrows Are playing hide and seek Among the tea flowers
The old pond; A frog jumps in, The sound of water
After the moon-viewing, My shadow walking home Along with me
Even among insects, in this world, Some are good at singing, Some bad
Dance from one blade of grass To another, Pearls of dew
Distant lights; There they live This autumn night