Harp Olympics - Stage II
Harp Olympics - Stage II  Ref: UM1261
Introduction to Harp Olympics - Stage II

This book is designed for the student who has completed Harp Olympics Stage I. It is recommended that the Marathon exercises from Stage I be played every day as a review until no longer necessary.

Please refer to the introductory notes in Harp Olympics Stage I.

In addition we suggest you encourage each student to keep up with the Games and Drills and to play the exercises in new and different keys as often as possible.


Introduction to Harp Olympics


Rules of the Game & Personal Fouls
Form Check

I. Work Outs
A. Four - Finger Warm Ups
B. Double Warm Ups
C. Balance Beams - Interval Review
D. Lifting (Three - Finger Chords)
E. Three Finger Inversions
F. Arpeggios (Three Fingers)
G. Turnaround Glisses
H. Sliding
I. Harmonics
J. Four - Finger Turnarounds (Review)
K. Hurdles - Scales
L. Introduction to Four - Finger Arpeggios, Distance Running and Hurdles
The Harp Doctor

Games and Drills

Signs and Symbols
Ties and Slurs
Time Signatures
The 16th Note and Rest
The Dotted Quarter Note
The Dotted Eighth Note
Count and Tap
Circle of Fifths
Leger Lines Review
Dynamic Drills
Note Stems
Brain Drills

Preliminary Solos

Harvest Song
Le Gargon Courageux
Song of the Alps
Ay, Chapanecas, Ay, Ay
Theme from "The Entertainer"
Amazing Grace
Rum - Ba - Ya
Petite Etude
Dragonfly in the Sunshine
The Harp That Once Through
Tara's Halls

Stage II Marathon

1. Work Outs
Balance Beams and Pivots
Weight - Lifting
Hand - over - Hand Arpeggios
Glissando Turnarounds
Mixed Relay
Slide Thumbs
2. Games and Drills
3. Solo Rounds

Harp Olympics Certificate - Stage II

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