Fun From the First Volume 1
Fun From the First Volume 1  Ref: UM1087
Exam Settings
TRINITY Initial Grade Item 26 - Lazy Mary
TRINITY Initial Grade Item 27 - Round Dance
TRINITY Grade 1 Item 8 - There Stands a Little Man
TRINITY Grade 1 Item 21 - The Northern Princess

The position at the harp
Tthe position of the hands
Antrim Fair
Merrily We Roll Along
Do Do L’Enfant Do
Anything You Can Do
Westminster Bells
Little Jonnie Three-Note
Dublin Bells
Let Me Teach You Frere Jaques
Introducing F-Sharp
Round Dance
Lazy Mary
Eleven Twelve Thirteen
The Goose Girl
Good King Wenceslaus
Silent Night
The Fermata
Tantum Ergo
Concordi Laetitia
Jasmine Flower
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Dutch Mariner’s Hymn
Groups Using the Fourth Finger
Kol Slaven
The Northern Princess
There Stands A Little Man from Hansel and Gretel
Strings, Replacing Broken Strings
Tuning the Harp
Care of the Harp