Sketches for Harpist Beginners
Sketches for Harpist Beginners  Ref: UM0066

Previously published separately as First Series (movements 1-10) and Second Series (movements 11-20), the present volume presents the complete collection of twenty SKETCHES FOR HARPIST BEGINNERS together in one publication for the first time.

FIRST SERIES (to Lillian Phillips)
1. Rock Me, Mommy
2. Imitation
3. Echo
4. Huntsman’s Horns
5. Lost in the Mist
6. Hurdy-gurdy
7. Poor Doggy
8. Tuneful Snuff-box
9. Pagan Rite
10. Beethoven at School - TRINITY Harp Grade 3

SECOND SERIES (to Lucy Lewis)
11. The Organist’s First Steps
12. A Young Violinist
13. Falling Leaves
14. Royal Trumpeters
15. A Lonely Bell
16. Baby on the Swing
17. Mourners
18. Pierrot Is Sad
19. On the Tight Rope
20. Choral