Tales from Northern Harps
Tales from Northern Harps  Ref: SM511
1. Rainbow Over The Lake
2. Sheebeg Shemore (Si Bheag Si Mhor)
3. Clarty Eyes
4. Half Past Sunday
5. An Dhonail Ruaidh Ghaolaich / 'S i Culaidh Mo Shugraidh (The subject of my song)
6. Do Bheul Dearg Tana (Thy delicate rosy lips) / Bha mi 'n 'de 'm Beinn Douran (Farewell to Ben Doran)
7. Eileen
8. Initial Rate Jig
9. The New Whittering Hyenas Reel
10. Rotation Rig
11. Mrs Morris Minor
12. Long Leaving of Lismore
13. Father's Day
14. The Sweetest Beans
15. Manon of the Stars
16. The D3 Jig
17. Banished (to the stairs)
18. 24/7
19. Ages Isle

The book is accompanied by Sibelius generated audio CD-R.