Traditional Tunes B1
Traditional Tunes B1  Ref: SM080
1. Dh' fhag thu mi fo bhron
A melody from the Simon Fraser Collection. This arrangement explores the use of Scottish bagpipe-style ornamentation.

2. Nead na lach as a' luachair
A port-a-beul Charlotte learned from the singing of Mary Ann Kennedy, which was recorded on their CD Strings Attached.

3. Fhuair Mac Shimi ' n oighreachd & A ' Phiorbhuic
A strathspey and pipe reel from the Simon Fraser Collection which Catriona arranged for an advanced competition in the National Mod syllabus.

4. The Sweetness of Mary
A Cape Breton style Strathspey which Charlotte learned from her Calluna flautist, Rebecca.

5. Da Smugglers & Kiss her and clap her
Two traditional Shetland jigs which are favourites of Fiddler's Bid, of which Catriona is a member. The first of these is unusual, as the phrases are written in groups of three bars.

6. The Iron Man & Miss Margaret Graham of Gartmore's favourite
The Iron Man is a strathspey by famous fiddler J. Scott Skinner. It can be played in a set with the reel, Miss Margaret Graham, or the two can be played separately.