Tunes From Scotland B3
Tunes From Scotland B3  Ref: SM079
1. Crodh Chailein
A beautiful old air.

2. Birnie Bouzle
James Hogg, the Ettrick shepherd wrote a song by this name to the Perthshire tune The Braes o' Tullymet which Charlotte first heard sung by Gordeanna McCulloch.

3. Vallafield
A trowie tune from Unst. There are two separate arrangements to suit different levels.

4. The Winter it is Past
A song by bard Robert Burns expressing the sadness of love.

5. Eachann an Gaisgeach
The fiddler James Scott Skinner wrote this haunting lament as a tribute to Boer war hero Sir Hector MacDonald.

6. Beinn a' Cheathaich
A well known gaelic waulking song.