Tunes From Scotland B2
Tunes From Scotland B2  Ref: SM078
1. Seice Ruairidh
A lively strathspey from the singing of Karen Matheson. The latter half of the piece uses the slap base technique, but if this is too difficult the first half can be played on its own.

2. Sine bhan
Duncan Johnston wrote this beautiful song for his wife during World War One.

3. Fac' thu na feidh
This tune appeared in early pipe collections, but is a well known port-a-beul.

4. Cro chinn t-saile
Inspired by the wonderful playing of Duncan Chisholm on his CD The Door of Saints.

5. Domhnall beag an t-siucair
A reel with a bit of oomph!

6. Sealg a's sugradh nan gleann
A beautiful slow air from the Simon Fraser Collection.