Tunes From Scotland B1
Tunes From Scotland B1  Ref: SM077
1. Duncan Gray
Scot bard Robert Burns wrote a song to this tune

2. Oran na maighdinn mhara
This is the tune from a song on the common legend of a mermaid who marries a human and raises a family, but in the end leaves, as she can no longer resist the urge to return to the sea.

3. Thig am bàta, hùg-o
Otherwise known as"A'bhean eudach" (The jealous woman). This is a haunting song about a woman's sister who has left her to drown, so that she can then marry her dead sister's husband.

4. The Greenland man's tune
This stems from the time when whalers came to Shetland. A favourite of Fiddler's Bid of which Catriona is a member.

5. Bà Bà mo leanabh
A lullaby from the singing of Mary Jane Lamond.

6. Dh'fhalbhainn sgiobalta
Aport-a-beul Charlotte learned from the singing of Mary Ann Kennedy, which was recorded on their CD Strings Attached.