Zapateado  Ref: JM13bSC
The “Zapateado de San Fermín” was written with the idea of making a musical contribution (something 'traditional') to the fiestas of San Fermín of Pamplona, describing some of the facets of this very happy week. The composer, born in Great Britain but also with Spanish nationality, has lived for a number of years in the Navarre region and has first-hand experience of the festivities. It was also at the same time a deliberate personal challenge to compose a work in the wake of the tradition laid down by the famous Pamplona violinist Pablo Sarasate (who himself was a 'regular' in San Fermín in his own day). In this present work the virtuoso influence of Sarasate's violin is changed for the delightful duo combination of flute and harp, although flautists should note that it can also work extremely effectively as a solo piece with string orchestra accompaniment (those interested in this rather different orchestral setting please consult with 'Creighton's Collection'). It is in ternary form and contains virtuoso passages for the flute, with a generally rhythmic contribution from the harp which does never-the-less share some of the interesting melodic material. It was premiered (in the orchestral version) by the Navarre flautist Roberto Casado, and his recording of it can be found on the CD 'Entre Dos Mundos'