King David and his harp
King David and his harp  Ref: A0436
1 Cantica CM Rex caeli (9th century)

2 Zum Lobe der Musik

3 David et Jonathas: Ciel, quel triste combat en ces lieux

4 Fell rage and black despair
5 O Lord, whose mercies numberless
6 Symphony David's (harp solo)
7 Sin not, oh king
8 Fly, fly, malicious spirit fly
9 Menuet (harp duo)

10 Caingc Dafydd Brophwyd (harp duo)

11 Lamentation - a sacred song of David

12 David devant l¹arche (harp duo)

13 Saul en David, op.24: Harp cadenza

Psalms of David
14 Psalm 45 (46) God is our refuge and strength
15 Psalm 61 (67) May God be gracious to us
16 Psalm 99 (100) Make a joyful noise to the Lord
17 Psalm 125 (126) When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion
18 Psalm 147 (147) Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem

19 Psaume 91 (arrangment for two harps)

Impressies bij Saul en David
20 David plays for Saul and peace descends upon him.
21 The people flee in confusion on the approach of the hostile army.
David finds peace in his submission to God's will.
22 On the tragic death of Saul.